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About us is committed and dedicated to serve our customers with our  years of experiances, techniques and skills to provide your personal desires of new hair styles. 

here are our recent yelp reviews... 

I've been coming here since it first opened after it took over Ming Salon.  I've only gotten haircut - no experience with color or perm.  

Joe is very experienced with any hair style and hair texture.  Not everyone can get the same haircut due to the hair itself, face structure, and etc.  Joe will give his opinions and try to accommodate the style that you want.  Sometimes I would just let him do whatever style he wanted and that worked out great.  Sometimes I would have my own inputs and it turned out how I wanted.  I don't think I have the same hair style twice until I requested to have that one done again.  Joe surprises me each time.

What I like about Joe's style is he doesn't use thinning scissors to thin our your hair like most hair stylists do.  He does charge more than other Asian hair salon, but I think it worth the money.  I have short hair, so I need a haircut every 6 weeks average.  With Joe's cut, I always look presentable after 2 months. Other places that I had been to, I looked like a mob after maybe a month. 

The reason that he doesn't get 5 stars because he does have his off days.... I usually go on weekdays so he has less customers and more time for me.

by Annie C. 

I've always gotten my hair cut here, but never color. Didn't even think much of it at all before up until recently. 

After growing out my hair to be its natural color in full and having it be that for a few years, I was itching for color once again. My mistake for not even considering and going elsewhere that was supposedly a "color expert". BIG MISTAKE! They messed up and didn't even accomplish the ombre coloring that I had wanted. 

I walked in to schedule an appointment with Joe for another day. Of course, he did not disappoint. I am IN LOVE with my hair and my hair color! I opted out of the haircut this time around, but the hair color and his work? LOVE. It's so red, I feel like I should be Ariel from The Little Mermaid .. but asian. The lighter shade of red isn't blended TOO GREAT, but I can work with what he did. I had him color my whole head a darker burgundy red color and do the highlights a much blue-red, if that makes sense. Now all I need to make sure of, is to maintain how vibrant the color is, knowing how easy red washes out. 

I reread my last review and realized I had rated them a 4/5 just because of parking, which really isn't their fault. WELP, here's 5 stars because they totally deserve it!

by Jocelyn B. 

This place deserve a 5 STAR rating! I Joe cut my hair for the first time. He knew what to do. I didn't have to say much at all. Turned out great. I been searching for a good barber, I'm glad I found this place. For sure i'm coming back for another cut. Thank You!

by John D.

Joe is the best.

I've been there four times now for cuts & colors--And i've been happy every time.  I've had my haircut with Alice once and she's good also.

I like that they will rinse your hair before cutting, and rise your hair after your cut before they style to avoid any hair going down your shirt.

Haircuts: Precise, clean, modern, versatile.

Color: dyed red once and got a lot of compliments, and just came out of the salon an hour ago with ash brown (darker than expected, but advised that it will lighten up after a couple of rinses--this was also because he had to get the red out)... Stay tuned

Hairstyles:  I'm not sure if his style is Hong Kong, but its super cool!  I always walk out feeling like a Chinese Rock Star, but i always style it different after i get home (almost 30, so i gotta be a little more professional o_O). 

After 15 years of salon hopping, i think i have decided to trust Joe & stay with

by Sonny S. 

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212 Barber Court
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